▶ Kinit Her – ‘The Poet & The Blue Flower’ LP (AVANT! Records)

kinit her lp

Artist:Kinit Her

Title:The Poet & The Blue Flower


On Sale:LP $649

Description:Through kaleidoscopic composition, constitution of voice, and timbral experimentation, Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer continue to braid their string of works as Kinit Her.

On “The Poet & The Blue Flower", the duo endures in architecting a unique system of auditory mysticism. Falling in an undefinable territory of the post-industrial and neofolk landscapes, this eight-track album features the exalted rhetoric that is Schafer’s stoic orchestral arrangements, Ritter’s tidal electronics and the continually evolving vocal deliveries of both men.

Comes on grey vinyl housed in heavy sleeve featuring artwork by Gianluca Martucci.

Mastered by James Plotkin.




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