▶ Windy and Carl – ‘Calliope’ 7″ (The Great Pop Supplement Label)

windy & carl calliope 7%22

Artist:Windy and Carl
Label:Great Pop Supplement
On Sale:7′ $329

Description:Transparent yellow vinyl 45 in diecut sleeve; 500 only. Next up on The Great Pop Supplement is a 45 from revered Michigan space rockers Windy and Carl. Released in celebration of the duo’s 20 years as recording artistes (they self released their debut 45 in 1993); the single represents something of a case of coming full circle for band and label as their first UK release came on GPS head Dom’s first label (Enraptured) in 1996, and the single here seemed a logical step in many respects…

Their 20 year career has seen all manner of killer releases across labels such as Kranky, Darla, Ba-Da-Bing and Earworm. The single is heavy with their mesmerising trademark drone and drift, with ‘A’ side “Calliope” awash with Carl’s beautiful echo laden guitar sound and Windy’s murmured vocal lines on top- lovely stuff and coupled with the awesome package (a 2 part diecut sleeve and transparent yellow wax) makes for a great way for The GPS to see out 2014. Pressing of 500 expected to go quick….




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