▶ Communions – Cobblestones [Ltd 7″ white vinyl EP]

communions cobblestones



Label:Posh Isolation

Sold:7″ $sold

Details:Posh Isolation 125. Second press, white vinyl.

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Communions is a new young quartet, from the same four-wall rehearsal space as Copenhagen contemporaries Iceage and Lower, and under the same roof as most of Copenhagen’s new punk, industrial and synth scene – at the studio and venue complex called Mayhem in Copenhagen.

Though Communions share a flame with the current Copenhagen wave, the torch is certainly their own. The four tracks that make up their debut EP entitled Cobblestones map out the aches and hopes of young hearts with remarkable precision and honesty, and is done with an unusual ear for melody and song writing.

The four young men, brothers Martin and Mads Rehof, together with Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen recorded their debut on their own – in their rehearsal space at Mayhem and in Frederik’s living room, resulting in songs sounding exactly as they were intended, where the guitars scream like torn throats and the songs beat in rhythm of young hearts pouring over with passion.




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