▶ Males – ‘Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales’ LP (Fishrider Records)



Title:Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales


Sold:LP $sold

Details:ltd to 300 copies on 180g audiophile vinyl, spinning at a cool & high quality 45 revolutions per minute & encased in a high quality card sleeve.

Press release (Fishrider):Males are a guitar pop band from Dunedin, making ‘garage pop’ – insanely catchy short songs, crammed with melody, propulsive guitar, helium vocals & harmonies. It’s helium-powered pop on a sugar diet, with serious themes. This debut mini-album collects together their first EP, a single & four brand new songs into one convenient bag of aural treats.

23 minutes of the most celebratory and unselfconscious guitar-pop produced in this neck of the woods" Otago Daily Times

brightly summertime pop cramming a lot of melodic hooks and guitar momentum into economic songs" NZ Herald




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