▶ V.A. – ‘Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer’ LP (Posh Isolation)

rosehip scallop dancer

Artists:Street Drinkers, Källarbarnen, Croatian Amor, Marching Church, Vår, Sand Circles, White, Amphetamine Logic, Age Coin, White Void

Title:Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer

Label:Posh Isolation

Sold:LP $739

Details:ltd to 600 copies.

Press release (Posh Isolation):"Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer" is a new compilation from Posh Isolation.

Even if the contributions range from post punk over industrial to techno, drone and more. The mood is set from the opening track and flows all the way through, as if the tracks were meant to be together, created to fit its neighbor while still demanding its own space.

From the sexual mumbles of white, to the strict isolation of Age Coin, the hopelesness of Croatian Amor and voyeristic feel of Sand Circles the ties between the tracks are remarkable, as if they were different emotional aspects of the same bodies luring ambivalence.

”Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer” was compiled over the last three years and present one portrait, drawn over ten pieces by ten different artists.

A milk tooth, in a small plastic shrine, with a mirror in the lid, under the pillow.

Essential new Scandinavian recordings.

Posh Isolation 120




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