▶ Brave Radar – Message Centre // 限定200盒卡帶迷你專輯 [黑色]



Artist:Brave Radar

Title:Message Centre


On sale:卡帶 $320

Details:Limited-run cassette with download card. Edition of 200.

//Review// s o o n.


Message Centre is Brave Radar’s first new album in 5 years, marking a recent re-entry for the minimalist pop group who have been recording and playing together since 2006. The 8-song EP was recorded at home over a span of two months, based on demos dating from 2012. Message Centre features songs about cars, nightmares, and office life.

Co-leaders Conor Prendergast and Tessa Smith’s melodic gifts and discerning taste are evident throughout the new collection. They re-imagine Sun Ra’s harmonies as AM gold; they find new things under the sun in sub-textual readings of Beach Boys classics; they abscond with John Barry’s spy guitars; they find naivist genius in somewhat “off" devotional music; they conjure the driving pulse of Ricky Wilson-era B-52’s; they surf the alpha waves of placid 50’s island exotica; they wring melody and poetry from Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s fiery no-wave.

All songs were written and recorded by Conor Prendergast and Tessa Smith. Mastered by Richard White.




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