▶ Seeds Of Doubt – DCP cassette EP // 限量50盒卡帶EP [白色]

seeds of doubt dcp ep

Seeds Of Doubt DCP卡帶EP與IBB粉絲誌/數位合輯

Artist:Seeds Of Doubt


Label:Italian Beach Babes

Sold:卡帶 $sold

DetailsSeeds of Doubt (簡稱SOD),為深受DIY吉他音樂與街頭滑板文化影響的英倫地下新團。限量50盒卡帶《DCP》帶來五首不經修飾的slacker-pop歌曲 (或稱No-fi, shit-pop都可),貝多熊獨家隨卡附贈 ITALIAN BEACH BABES RECORDS 2014第一期粉絲誌 (已送完),收錄有Fear Of MenBlueprint BlueNovella, Male Bonding, VISION FORTUNETheo VerneyMeddicineSealingsSeeds Of Doubt, Graffiti Island, Brown BroguesCold Pumas, Boneyards, Mooncreatures全14支樂團14首歌曲數位下載合輯。



Seeds Of Doubt have been inhabiting mouldy practice rooms, strung out house parties and the kinda venues you wouldn’t go on a first date for a while now. Branded No-fi, shit-pop and a bunch of other self-effacing terms its true theres a level of ‘un-production’ here rarely seen but behind that lies 5 songs with 5 perfect melodies, structures and references.

Already self-releasing a 12-song cassette of solo recordings by founding member Chris, these 5 tracks see an extra 3 members added as they hone their home recording skills, creating a more focused and concise sound.

Early recordings soundtracked a number of skate edits made by Nike SB (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBIpUCio66A) and members of the band have recently soundtracked a series of films by London skate company Isle.




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