▶ Tense Men – Where Dull Care is Forgotten LP // 限量180g黑膠LP

tense men where dull care is forgotten lp

Artist:Tense Men

Title:Where Dull Care is Forgotten

Label:Faux Discx

Sold:LP $sold

Details:限量300片180g黑膠LP,附risograph printed海報+MP3s.

英倫post-punk超級組合TENSE MEN,成員來自Cold PumasSauna YouthOmi Palone。《Where Dull Care is Forgotten》於英國DIY音樂工作者的最愛 – Sound Savers 錄音室完成,含krautrock元素的repetition曲風充滿乖張與壓迫,Drowned in Sound與Norman皆予8分高評!


Tense Men is a project mainly based around repetition and restraint. Consisting of Cold Pumas guitarist/vocalist Oliver Fisher, Sauna Youth’s singer/drummer Richard Phoenix, and Omi Palone’s Liam O’Neill. Looped, claustrophobic surges of brittle guitar and shocked drum beats tack up to create a sound larger than the sum of it’s parts.

The band started playing in 2011 as a two-piece (consisting of Fisher and Phoenix) using drums, guitar and a loop pedal, they recorded a tape and played a bunch of shows. The duo recorded Where Dull Care Is Forgotten with this line-up, then killed the loop and Liam joined as a real life bass player.

“An Oliver Twist Of A Second Helping From Tense Men, offers from this original & intelligent Stick’n’String duo, a melange of Duane Dance-Hall rhythm, post-Punk & Scanda shout-out guitar, with eel-like bass undertones, & sometime growling vocals, filtered through subtle quasi-echo sounds to provide a virtual soft-ride helter skelter that finally & gently hits the velvet mat… Hear It… Appreciate Authenticity…" Papa Fisher 2013


Sauna Youth / Cold Pumas / Gang of Four / Fugazi




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