▶ Gingerlys – Jumprope EP [限量小7]

gingerlys jumprope




Sold:7″ $295

Details:限量300片小7,封圖由When Nalda Became Punk吉他/主音 Elena Sestelo設計。


Shelflife presents the debut 7″ Jumprope EP from NYC’s newest pop sweethearts Gingerlys out on July 8 on limited edition vinyl and digital formats.

The group began when guitarist Matt Richards started sharing acoustic demos of his strummy pop songs with his fellow bandmates in his Valley Stream, New York basement. Vocalist/keyboardist Maria Garnica, guitarist Colin O’Neill and bassist Kevin Doxsey brought life to the rough demos. Soon the band became a quintet when Brian Alvarez was drafted permanently behind the drum kit. They recorded this EP with Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen in Brooklyn and the group subsequently started to play several shows in and around NYC.

Described as “pure ear candy," the EP starts off with “Jumprope" which quickly introduces what Gingerlys are all about — songs filled with fuzzy guitars, dreampop melodies, guitar hooks galore and Maria’s soft sultry vocals. The second track “Summer Cramps" switches from dreamy to jangly, a summer pop anthem that is insanely catchy. The B-side opens with the head-rush breakneck speed of “Better Hearts" and closes with the delightful Felt-ish guitars of “Set You Off".

The band played a fantastic live session on WNYU (free download) and are soon playing the NYC Popfest while continuing to work on their full-length album.

For fans of: Brittle Stars, The Pains at Being Pure at Heart, Velocity Girl, Seapony

Praise for Gingerlys:

“Gingerlys have quickly become one of my favorite new bands this year and they haven’t even released a full-length album yet."
– Dear Song In My Head

“The female-fronted shoegaze band indulges in thick guitars, mounds of reverb, and a dreamy vocal in ways that make it very similar to other shoegaze songs. But what’s different here is the emphasis on the songwriting. “Jumprope" is compositionally interesting and insanely catchy, and the production style only enhances that."
– The Absolute Magazine

“Pure ear candy"
– The Sound of Confusion




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