▶ Karen Novotny X – 3 Minutes over Brussels [限量500片7” x 5” playable postcard disc]

karen novotny 1

Karen Novotny x 2

Artist:Karen Novotny x

Title:3 Minutes Over Brussels

Label:Deep Distance



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The second of Augusts‘ trio of new Deep Distance releases is most definitely a gift from the gods to yr record collecting fraternity. A playable picture postcard from East London’s favourite shady, mysterious synth heads’ KAREN NOVOTNY X.

Arriving a couple of years ago completely outta’ the blue with their previously discarded synth experiments recorded in East London between 1978 and ’79 (with debts of gratitude to Chris Carter and Suicide amongst others), the vinyl only collection sold out it’s run of 500 in the blink of an eye on Deep Distance’ parent label The Great Pop Supplement.

Airing here also for a first time is the wonderful “3 Minutes over Brussels”. A killer instrumental piece displayed to the world via a playable picture postcard featuring more of KN X’s acclaimed collage work in a sealed stickered pack with insert in a pressing of 500.

Sadly, given the nature of the format, the full audio experience is somewhat flawed but fans of the band are thankfully pointed to the bands’ bandcamp page to fully appreciate the piece.

Unsurprisingly given the shadowy nature of the groop, the band actually embrace the ultra lo-fi aspect and quirkiness of it’s playback quality which I guess should come as no surprise to fans….

Looks utterly gorgeous and will no doubt fly, but from a label’s point of view, do check out the bandcamp link- the track really is killer and amongst the best things they’ve done but the sound quality on the card itself isn‘t the best….




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