▶ Hinterhof / Play for Today – split 7″ [限量500片橘色小7]

hinterhof & play for today

hinterhof & play for today 2

Artists:Hinterhof / Play for Today

Title:Hinterhof / Play for Today – split

Label:Deep Distance

On sale:7″ $319

Details:s o o n

This one’s a rare excursion into 7” territory for Deep Distance following a bunch of sold out 12s and full lengths from the likes of Umberto, NWW’s Colin Potter and Tim Gane’s new ‘Cavern of Anti-Matter’ project. A split 45, airing debuts from Berlin’s HINTERHOF and the shadowy world of Camberwell based synth dabblers PLAY FOR TODAY.

Hinterhof don the white Lab coats for the icy sci-fi pop blast of “Molecular Love with a Molecular Sound”. All bubbling moogs and buzzing electronics topped with the cool vocals of Lollie Barr.

If the reverse might be described as a kind of uptempo space age pop, Play for Today brings things down a few shades with the colder, more industrial synth tone and drone of “Golden Kids (What’s Going On?)”. Think darker Fad Gadget, early Cabs- a more angular, darker piece more in keeping with an early Mute 45 than it’s double A side here- yet it’s that dark and light aspect that makes the single such a winner.

As ever with Deep Distance it arrives handsomely packaged, orange wax in cool company bags and inserts. A pressing of 500 expected to sell out pretty quickly….




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