▶ Fausto Maijstral – Fausto Maijstral [限量250片黑膠LP]

fausto majstral lp

Artist:Fausto Maijstral

Title:Fausto Maijstral

Label:la station radar

Sold:LP $550

Details:The first full lenght of Fausto Maijstral.

Formed in 2010 in Berlin (Germany), the band spent several years performing and recording rough demos and live sets before heading into the studio to make their first full length release, recorded by Felix-Florian Todloff and mastered by Brian Pyle.

Fausto Maijstral is DuChamp and Will Gresson, a drone duo from Berlin and London. Under the name of Du Champ, Federica Rossella (Italy) has released her first solo album “Nar" out in 2013 on the Italian label Boring Machines. Will Gresson (New Zealand) has released many albums (field recordings / instrumentals) available on his bandcamp, he’s also part of the band Palatial.

The record opens with “Lucky 15″, a long track with repetitive ambiant tones & synth drones. With the song “naval reserve" and then “kensingston C.A" (instrumental) the duo set their drone guitars and synths into a darker atmosphere with more abrasive sounds and percussion. Epitaphium, the final track, sounds like a peaceful haunting song, ending with a field recording of a muezzin from the band’s short tour of Turkey in Istanbul amidst various sounds from the city.




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