▶ Razorcuts – Storyteller + The World Keeps Turning [專輯+EP加歌卡帶]

razorcuts tapes

Title:Storyteller + The World Keeps Turning

Label:Manufactured Recordings

Sold:tapes $650


I don’t think that pop music is about creating perfect records – it’s about creating perfect moments" – Tim Vess

Active in the mid-80s, UK band Razorcuts married the DIY ethos of punk with those jangly guitars of sunny 60’s pop, making music on par with the best of ‘em: Primal Scream, Shop Assistants, McCarthy, the Wedding Present…you know where we’re going.

Our Storyteller reissue includes their debut album on Creation from 1988 PLUS their 6-song EP on Subway. This is the kind of music that would later inspire the indie pop released by labels like Sarah, K, Slumberland, et al. Sometimes shaky, but always Irresistibly charming, Razorcuts’ second and last album from 1989, with its full, 12-string guitars, organ, and catchy melodies, sounds like a catchier version of Felt. Our The World  Keeps Turning reissue includes 6 bonus tracks in the form of the A is for Alphabet EP, released on Matinee in 2003. Pick these up and hear what you’ve been missing.

“In love or in despair, you know I’ll still be there"





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