▶ The History Of Apple Pie – Feel Something [絕版彩膠+樂團親簽獨家限定盤]

the history of apple pie in bed

Artist:The History Of Apple Pie

Title:Feel Something

Label:Marshall Teller


See also同名專輯LP+CD盤 http://wp.me/p2u16k-2oW

▶️ Drowned In Sound 8/10、God Is In The TV 四星、exclaim.ca 7/10、All Music 四星、music OMH 四星 好評推薦盤。

‘Feel Something’ is the follow up to last year’s ‘Out Of View’ debut, which saw theLondon five-piece propelled into the spotlight – hitting No. 8 in the UK Indie Breakers Chart,No. 2 in the UK Record Store Chart and winning fans the world over with their infectious fuzzed-out candied pop sound.

The new album features ten brand new tracks including the piano-laden lead single ‘Tame’ and last year’s surf-rock referencing ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?’ – originally released on limited edition clear 7″ vinyl. The LP edition also includes bonus track ‘Shake’ featuring guest vocals from Gary Jarman of The Cribs.

Recorded over the last few months at Sublime Studios in London, like it’s predecessor, it was again produced and engineered by the band’s Jerome Watson with additional engineering by Joshua Third of The Horrors and Charles Reeves.

Formed three years ago, The History Of Apple Pie line up is centered around the songwriting partnership of Stephanie Min (Vocals) and Jerome Watson (Guitar) together with James Thomas(Drums), Aslam Ghauri (Guitar) and new recruit to the band Joanna Curwood (bass).


Come Undone / Tame / Keep Wondering / Special Girl / Jamais Vu / Don’t You Wanna Be Mine? / Ordinary Boy / Snowball / Just Like This / Shake (ft. Gary Jarman) / Puzzles




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