▶ Violet Woods – Violet Woods [限定白色彩膠LP]

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Artist:Violet Woods

Title:Violet Woods

Label:The Great Pop Supplement

Sold:LP $650

Details:Pressing of 300 on white vinyl only



廠介:Cambridge based 4 piece Violet Woods are pleased to announce the vinyl version to their debut, self titled full length for The Great Pop Supplement for release 1st week in December.

Following the quick fire sell out of opening 45 “Raw Love” (featured here and still every inch the killer mod groove / dancer of the set) the band have returned with a sparkling collection of tunes whose range deviates anywhere from the 12 string jangle of classic postcard, and the choicer cuts from the Sarah vaults through dusty East Coast soft psych Americana, via the retro synth vibes of Stereolab and Broadcast.

The set affectionately re-creates the sonic template of the mid to late sixties (tips of the hat to the Zombies and Love are strewn effortlessly across the record). Think groovy rhythms, harmoniums and bristling guitar lines – but then toned down, spaced out and re-imagined into a slow-burning, sleepy haze.

After two immersive sessions in the analogue Aladdin’s cave of London’s Soup Studios during the course of the last year or so the quartet – led by moonlighting Fuzzy Lights singer/guitarist Xavier Watkins – deliver a 9-track LP that seeks to reconcile and expand the two sides of the group’s psyche-pop equations. A lovely, consistently strong collection wrapped up in tasty GPS sleeving, on white vinyl and limited to just 300 copies so be smart…




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