▶ Ubre Blanca – Terminal Island [限量12″EP]

ubre blanca terminal island

Artist:Ubre Blanca

Title:Terminal Island

Label:Clan Destine

Sold:12″ $545

Details:Limited to 300 copies

See also:Ubre Blanca – Polygon Mountain 12″EP http://wp.me/p2u16k-2W4



廠介:UBRE BLANCA return with their second release for CLAN DESTINE after the amazing POLYGON MOUNTAIN EP. Continuing with their obsessions of 70’s and 80’s horror and B movie soundtracks, fat synth sounds and live drums, Joel Stone (ex Shitdisco) and Andy Brown (ex Divorce, Remember! Remember!) bring us a more evolved sound with the TERMINAL ISLAND EP. A heady mix of full on synth and live drums, mixed with some more atmospheric pieces this time around. TERMINAL ISLAND takes us straight to some tropical island where some horrifying shit is going down. Bringing to mind old cinematic masterpieces like Cannibal Holocaust mixed with Miami Vice. Worth mentioning also is the striking cover art, hand painted in oils by Joel over a number of months.





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