▶ Stephen Molyneux – The Shape Of Clouds To Come [限定卡帶EP]


Artist:Stephen Molyneux

Title:The Shape Of Clouds To Come

Label:La station radar

On sale:限定50盒發行卡帶EP,附歌詞 (淡粉色),$259*sold out*

老教堂現場錄音要多少有多少,但現居丹佛的 Stephen Molyneux,去年(2014四月)於納許維爾老教堂,與三位好友樂手用 electric guitar, violin, organ, piano, drum 錄出的孤鬱民謠唱作《The shape of clouds to come》,叫人憶起 Bedhead 在達拉斯教堂演錄 “Dead Language" 時的光景。

淡粉色紙頁上的歌詞,單字編印設計也挺有詩意 ; 順著歌詞聽 “To divide us",鼓聲猛然落下,心竟跟著碎了…

伴奏風琴/鋼琴的 Lee Noble,同屬氣味獨特的 ambient songs / drone folk 音樂家,與 Stephen Molyneux 一同創建廠牌 No Kings。

封面攝於泰國素叻府 (Surat Thani, Thailand),為 Stephen Molyneux 旅居東南亞時拍攝 ; 聽說他在那裡,錄了極其出色的 field recordings 作品。



關於:Experimental and outsider folk artist born in northwest Ohio, Stephen Molyneux lives in Denver, CO.

After a long stay in Thailand and the Southeast Asia where he recorded some stunning field recordings, Stephen Molyneux started to release music in Nashville in 2010, involved in the experimental music scene. Member of • Horsehair Everywhere • (LP out in 2010 on La station radar) and A poet name revolver, he has co/ founded the label No Kings records cadre with Lee Noble.

Recorded in 2014 in an old church turned into a studio in Nashville, “The shape of clouds to come" is a mesmerizing Ep full of sad tones announcing the colour of his folk songs. In only five tracks, accompanied by his friends on violin, organ, piano and drum, with his voice like a tightrope walker on a thread, the music of Stephen Molyneux arouses at the same time a deep sadness and a healing hope.

Tape 50 copies
+ insert lyrics

Face A
A1-An Oath to Beds We Lie Upon (4:51)
A2-Light Drawn (5:12)

Face B
B3-To Divide Us (4:04)
B4-Bones Pored Over (2:59)
B5-A Moon to Will the Salt (2:55)

Recorded April 27, 2014 by Steve Poulton and Patrick Himes
at Reel Love Recording Company, Nashville, Tennessee USA.

Cover photo by Stephen Molyneux, Surat Thani, Thailand, 2009.

Stephen Molyneux : vocals, electric guitar, piano
Alice Buchanan : violin
Lee Noble : pump organ, SK-1, piano
Caleb Steelman : drums




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