▶ Tropic of Cancer – I Feel Nothing [限量180gr 12″黑膠/印花盤]


黑膠背面印花為 Miranda Lehman 設計.


樂團:Tropic Of Cancer

作品:I Feel Nothing

廠牌:Sleeperhold Publications

定價:12″ $920

詳細:限量180gr 12″黑膠盤,33 ⅓ RPM,B面為特殊設計印花。

關於樂團/作品:Tropic of Cancer is the solo project of LA-based Camella Lobo; Taylor Burch of Dva Damas joins her for live performances, and Juan Mendez (aka Silent Servant) had a hand in the first three Tropic of Cancer records, The Dull Age / Victims, Be Brave and The Sorrow Of Two Blooms. The band’s romantic yet sparse, curiously numbed-out sound yolks together elements of goth, shoegaze, Martin Hannett-produced post-punk and even Angelo Badalamenti’s music for Twin Peaks, and has earned them a sizable cult following. Blending bleak minimal electronics and gorgeously mournful vocals and the spirit of post-punk and industrial underpinnings, Tropic Of Cancer have stoked their slow burning reputation into the makings of what is being referred to as a ‘modern classic’.

關於黑膠背面印花設計:The B-side of the vinyl contains an original, detailed etching of a piece by amazing Portland-based photographer & filmmaker, Miranda Lehman, who also provided the artwork for the front and back sleeve. Miranda takes photographs that are like dreams – stunning and mysterious. For this release she provided 2 haunting images, of which one was etched on one of the side of the vinyl record.








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