▶ thelightshines – Now the Sandman Sings [再版限定透明綠LP]



Title:Now the Sandman Sings

Label:The Great Pop Supplement

預購截止:LP $695

Details:New edition of 250 copies on GREEN vinyl with a silk-screened sleeve.

關於:This debut from London-based Thelightshines is a fabulous set of hazey, sun drenched psychedelia, heavy on Eastern vibes, yet with one foot in the US west coast.

A beautiful collage of sounds, often blending passages of neo-Indian classical music with walls of feedback all dripping in gorgeous, lush vocal harmonies. Penned by Sam Ferman (guitarist with The See See, whose singer songwriter Richard Olson also provides percussive duties here) the album knits a number of styles seamlessly- recalling passing nods to the likes of Popol Vuh on some of the quieter passages to the feedback heavy wash and assault of early Spacemen 3.






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