▶ Deviation Social – Practices / Demo. June-Oct. 81 [黑膠LP限量重發盤]

deviation social practices : demo. june-oct. 81

單位/組合:Deviation Social

作品:Practices / Demo. June-Oct. 81


定價:LP $789

詳細:80年代早期的工業實驗噪音經典,最初只做25盒發行的卡帶,2015年由 Dais Records 重發/首壓限量黑膠LP盤。

其他作品:Tempus / Deathwatch “From End To Beginning” Vol. 2 [限定彩膠盤] http://wp.me/p2u16k-1PP

關於:During the summer of 1981, a young Art Injeyan attended the now infamous “final transmission" of Throbbing Gristle in San Francisco’s Kezar Pavillion. This concert experience forever changed the fabric of bay area experimental music and sent a sonic riptide through artists such as Injeyan to form their own experimental projects. After this seed had been planted, Injeyan started pulling together a crude, loose arrangement of musical equipment and creating pulsating industrial drones and noise rhythms under his newly coined masthead Deviation Social. Starting in June and wrapping up in October of 1981, Deviation Social had composed his first demo comprised of individual staged practices in his home. To release his demo and later audio / visual works , he founded his own label, Ppresense Records, to release all matters connected to Deviation Social. This demo was only distributed to a select few and limited to a hand-numbered edition of 25 cassettes in late 1981, now making it one of the more rare and sought after early industrial documents.

Dais is proud to reissue this demo in a vinyl format in a limited edition of 250 copies. Hand stamped, numbered and assembled to give homage to the original release and to celebrate the release series between Dais Records and Deviation Social.





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