▶ Deep Distance 2015限定黑膠10″系列收藏盤


關於Deep Distance 為一家專門出版當代kosmische / kraut作品的英倫獨立音樂品牌,2015推出限定黑膠10″系列收藏盤,每張作品限量發行300片。

定價:定價與英國當地同步,10″單片價 $367,三片合購享有優惠價 $990

米灰Slows – 13’56 & 13’05 [唱片編號:DD24]

Kicking off the trio is the stunning debut from “Slows”, (a side project for WIRE guitarist Matthew Simms), 2 beautiful side long pieces created on farfisa matador organ with fx pedals which recall the lush, minimal drones and arrangements of the likes of Terry Riley, JD Emmanuel and “Dreamweapon” era Spacemen 3.

Matthew has been a member of Wire since 2010 (playing on 2013’s acclaimed “Change Becomes Us” LP) and It Hugs Back, having released 3 albums with a new one due for 2015. He was recently invited to contribute to the new Bill Fay album, as well as a soundtrack to the film “Suzanne” by Electrelane’s Verity Susman.

His individual, self taught approach to the guitar, the focus on unusual sounds and tunings and his way of playing within, rather than ‘on top’ of a song has helped him forge his growing reputation.

He is most often to be found in his own Kent countryside studio, ‘The Record Room’ where he has recently mixed the new Chastity Belt record on Hardly Art (Feb 2015) as well as composing and recording music for various Film and TV programmes.

A beautiful record on the eye and ear and limited to a pressing of 300 only… out mid Feb 2015.

SLOWS facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/slows/153467848063565

Rhododendron – Paris Rendezvous / Le Grind [唱片編號:DD28]

The second of February’s trio of killer new Deep Distance 10” features Ollie Cherer’s “Rhododendron” project. Having debuted on the label’s “Grasshopper Mind” Record Store Day comp from 2013 and played to bits by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and 6Music, the band return with their debut release proper.

To quote the band themselves: “Tired of the tango, Fed up with fandango? Try magnetic tape, dirty amps, modular synthesizers, improvisation and wild, wild noise.
Fuzzed up south coast motorik minimalism with synths, guitars and space echooooooes…..

“Rhododendron is a nice flower” – Bryan Ferry

Paris Rendezvous is an improvised soundtrack to Claude Lelouch’s “C’était un rendez-vous”, performed once at a now infamous warehouse/studio party in St Leonards in 2014.

Written, recoded and produced by Darren Morris and Oliver Cherer.

Killer 10” destined to sell out rapid style. To dwell is to miss… ace embossed Deep Distance sleeve inserts over tasty new 10” label bags, in an edition of 300 only.

RHODODENDRON facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rhododendron/441570659324903

Bosques – Eomaia Recuerda [唱片編號:DD29]

The last of February’s ace new Deep Distance represents a debut on vinyl for Argentinian neo-psych, kraut outfit BOSQUES.

The band were formed in 2009, and take their cues from a love of all things psych, drone and kraut flavoured; and the tracks across the EP offer up a killer intro to the bands’ ever revolving vibe and approach; at one point adapting the seminal NEU! groove of opener “Eomaia Recuerda” to the predominantly acoustic, organic motorik “Mis Manos Las Manos” and the prime era Spiritualized like, organ led “Interferencia”.

A beautiful EP, with an idealistic concept of there being no ‘A’ side as such. Should such a thing exist, treat this as something of a treble ‘A’ side…?!

Again, as pleasing on the eye as the ear, the EP features an embossed cover panel and is released as a limited pressing of 300 only on 10” vinyl.

BOSQUES 作品 http://bosques.bandcamp.com





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