▶ Tyrannosaurus Dead – Flying Ant Day [限量黑膠LP]

Tyrannosaurus Dead - Flying Ant Day

樂團:Tyrannosaurus Dead

專輯:Flying Ant Day

類型:fuzzy indiepop

廠牌:Odd Box

Sold:LP $633



關於:Brighton scuzzy indie pop fivesome Tyrannosaurus Dead will release the Rory Attwell-produced LP through London DIY label Odd Box Records on 3rd November. It follows hot on the heels of their sold out split 7″ ‘Post Holiday Dead Song’ with Welsh punks Joanna Gruesome. The band and their label Odd Box have been at the centre of an upsurge in DIY ethics in the UK; throwing parties, hosting shows, printing zines and generally bypassing the mainstream. It’s from this background that this LP was written and recorded. ‘Flying Ant Day’ hears the band continue to hone their fuzzy indiepop sound – packed full of excellent guitar hooks and big catchy choruses coupled with beautiful boy/girl harmonies from Billy and Eleanor.

Tyrannosaurus Dead are: Billy Lowe – Guitar & Vocals / Eleanor Rudge – Vocals / Thomas Northam – Bass / Martin Edwards – Guitar / Rupert Willows – Drums.

RIYL: Joanna Gruesome / Los Campesinos! / (early) Pains Of Being Pure At Heart / Veronica Falls / Smashing Pumpkins.





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