▶ Testbild! – Belka & Strelka [限量黑膠LP]

testbild! belka & strelka


專輯:Belka & Strelka

類型:瑞典 實驗/太空流行

廠牌:Kalligrammofon Recordings

定價:LP $667

詳細:黑膠LP – 限量發行249張。唱片設計 – Richard Heberling 和 Jacob Grönbech Jensen,附俄文曲目英文歌詞的插頁。

Testbilds! 為此張概念專輯集合多名樂手,卻完全沒用上吉他,巧妙運用前衛即興爵士演奏,以及奇幻懷舊的合成器聲效,向1960年首對充滿勇氣,且安全返回地球的俄羅斯太空狗狗 Belka & Strelka,想像一段如童書插畫般趣緻的音樂旅程。

Дамы и Господа!

The 19th of August 1960 two Russian stray dogs were sent up in space. Less than 24 hours later they became the first Earth-born creatures to go into orbit and return alive, hailed as radiant animal super heroes. Their names were Belka and Strelka.

This is the sound of their triumphant journey.

On February 23 the Stockholm/Malmö based pop group Testbild! will release their new album ‘Belka & Strelka’ on Kalligrammofon. Testbild! are known for a number of conceptual albums, where melodic and cinematic pop is blended with influences from 60’s jazz and avant garde excursions in sound. Belka & Strelka is no exception, but stands out in their discography as an album in which the electronic elements, especially the use of analogue synths, takes a more prominent position. No guitars were used on the recordings.

released 23 February 2015


Siri af Burén
Katja Ekman
Petter Herbertsson
Douglas Holmquist
Petter Samuelsson

Tomas Bodén
Karin Christensen
Peter Gunnarsson
Daniel Holmström
Elisabeth Sundin
Katerina Zolotova

Written, recorded and produced by Testbild! between 2007-2014
Mastered by Tomas Bodén

This is Kalligrammofon #32







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