▶ Mike & Cara Gangloff – Durang‘s Hornpipe / Rake and Rambling Boy [限定彩膠小7]

mike front sleeve x 500

組合:Mike & Cara Gangloff

單曲:Durang’s Hornpipe / Rake and Rambling Boy

類型:drone folk

廠牌:Great Pop Supplement

定價:7″ $256


Having released records on The GPS previously as part of the late great Jack Rose’s backing band and The Black Twig Pickers- (as well as cutting their cloth as part of the mighty Pelt), Mike and Cara release a great double ‘A’ side for March here in an edition of 500.

“Durang’s Hornpipe” is spectacularly underpinned by the majestic drone of Cara’s Shruti box, with Mike on banjo and fiddle and is backed by the peak and fall and drone pulse of the Shruti once again on an incredible reworking of the standard “Rake and Ramblin’ Boy”.

A beautiful 45, worth it alone for those moments where both voices collide on the flip- it won’t hang around long and is dressed in ace printed inside and out sleeve and on dark cherry wax. Pressing of 500 only.

2015新單曲作品試聽尚未釋出,請先聽2014專輯《Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life》歌曲:





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