▶ Leatherface – Razor Blades And Aspirin:1990-1993 [RSD15重量級限定盒裝盤]

leatherface 3lp

已到貨,4月18日Record Store Day當天正式發售!


專輯:Razor Blades And Aspirin:1990-1993


Sold:3LPs+3CDs $1742

詳細:90s英國桑德蘭地下龐克傳奇樂團三張經典代表作。三片REMASTERED黑膠LP及三片CD豪華盒裝盤 (全六片),Record Store Day 2015 重量級限定。

3 individual 12″ LPs in heavy outer sleeve wrap with 3CDs including extras.

Re-mastered and containing rare and previously unreleased bonus material, this comprehensive release covers the legendary UK band’s work, including original vinyl releases of ‘Minx’, ‘Mush’ and ‘Fill Your Boots’, with CD releases of each including exclusive BBC John Peel Session tracks, unearthed out-takes, singles and B-sides for the most comprehensive collection from Sunderland’s finest.

“Mush is one of the best albums of the 90s and a bona fide punk rock classic" – ALLMUSIC


Fill Your Boots : 1. New York State 2. Razor Blades and Aspirin 3. Speak in Tongues 4. Fate 5. Peasant in Paradise 6. The Bastards Can’t Dance 7. Our Father 8. Leatherface Bonus 9. Colorado Joe/Leningrad Vlad (Razor Blades and Aspirin single) 10. Postwar Product of a Fat Man’s Wallet (Razor Blades and Aspirin single) 11. How Lonely (Smokey Joe EP) 12. You Wanted Everything (Smokey Joe EP) 13. Trenchfoot (Smokey Joe EP) 14. The Scheme of Things (Smokey Joe EP) 15. Ideal World (Smokey Joe EP)

Mush : 1. I Want The Moon 2. How Lonely 3. I Don’t Want to Be The One to Say It 4. Pandora’s Box 5. Not A Day Goes By 6. Not Superstitious 7. Springtime 8. Winning 9. In The Real World 10. Baked Potato 11. Bowl of Flies 12. Dead Industrial Atmosphere Bonus 13. Message In A Bottle (Not Superstitious 7″) 14. Trenchfoot (Not Superstitious 7″) 15. You Are My Sunshine (I Want The Moon 7″) 16. Dreaming (I Want The Moon 7″)

Minx : 1. Wallflower 2. Books 3. Fat, Earthy, Flirt 4. Do The Right Thing 5. Evil That Men Do 6. Heaven Sent 7. Don’t Work 8. A Sad Day Indeed 9. Skin Deep 10. Dustbin Modo 11. A Cartoon (With The Pain) 12. Pale Moonlight Bonus 13. Can’t Help Falling In Love (limited 7″) 14. Dreaming (limited 7″) 15. Cabbage Case (Do The Right Thing EP) 16. Not Superstitious (Do The Right Thing EP) 17. Games (Compact and Bijou EP) 18. Live For You (Compact and Bijou EP) 19. Talkin’ Bout A Revolution (Compact and Bijou EP)




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