▶ Epic 45 – Aginast the Pull Of Autumn

epic 45 aginast the pull of autumn
Back in 2004, epic45 released their second album, ‘Against the Pull Of Autumn’ and to mark the 10th anniversary of this record they are releasing an extra special double 12″ vinyl reissue on their own Wayside and Woodland label.

音樂家/樂團:Epic 45
專輯:Against the Pull Of Autumn
廠牌:Wayside and Woodland Recordings
Format:Vinyl 2LP|雙片黑膠,10週年發行紀念盤


1 I’m Getting Too Young For This
2 Programmes For Schools
3 You Said Nothing

4 Barn Diversions

5 Where The Holidays Went

6 Sculpted By Winter

7 The Water Tower

8 These Dead Years

9 Against The Pull Of Autum
10 Where To Now, Captain?

11 Secret Maps Of England
12 River Traffic




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