▶ Lifted – 1 [140g黑膠LP]

lifted 1

類型:ambient / jazz / electronic
定價:140g黑膠LP $750 *sold out*

詳細:集合Gigi Masin, Max D, Co La, Jordan GCZ等數名音樂家即興演錄之組合Lifted,首張作品《1》前衛實驗性接近ECM環境爵士派,卻多了Techno、Footwork等新電子的層次及溫度。每位音樂家的獨奏可以清楚分辨,無縫融合的演出令人驚異。《1》由PAN御製 Rashad Becker 總監。封照 – Traianos Pakioufakis。設計 – Bill Kouligas。

PAN is pleased to announce the debut release from Lifted, an ongoing collaborative project initiated by Matt Papich (AKA Co La) and Beautiful Swimmers’ Max D. Drawing on studio sessions recorded in their respective hometowns of Baltimore and Washington DC, the album sees the pair break free from the constrictions of the grid and exercise their versatility through improvised fusion. Working outside the framework that underlies their solo output, the eight tracks on offer showcase experiments in freeform techno, hyaline electronics, and ambient, with the duo reaching out to Motion Graphics, 1432 R co-founder Dawit Eklund, and Jeremy Hyman for additional synthesis, drumset and percussion. The album also exhibits solo performances from Gigi Masin and Jordan GCZ (Juju & Jordash), who submitted overdubs from their bases in Venice and Amsterdam.




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