▶ Cedie Janson – Light Curve [50 Ltd EP卡帶]


製作單位:Cedie Janson

作品:Light Curve

類型:electronic / post-rave

廠牌:Lost Race

預購:卡帶EP $229

詳細:Pro-dubbed at GoTape in St Petersburg, Russia. Limited to 50 copies.

Cedie Janson is an electronic producer from Brisbane that has spent the last few years fusing soundscapes with pop in group Naked Maja. Following on from last year’s single ‘Light Curve" – comes Janson’s debut EP of the same name, which sees him push his interests further into electronic territory with a post-rave sound influenced as much by Brisbane’s underground noise scene as it is by sunrise hours in and after clubs.

‘Light Curve’ was written during 2014 and 2015, in between Brisbane and his industrial hometown in regional Queensland. From percussive junk-yard field recordings to film expeditions around imposing refineries and processing plants, the presence of stark environments created sparks of intrigue that inspired the undercurrent of this new body of Cedie’s work.

“Cedie Janson is a lone voice and new blood rushing in” – 4ZZZ

“Take note of the name Cedie Janson” – The Ransom Note

“A strange orgy of melted sounds, acidic and metallic, moulding themselves around your head in a form that isn’t natural” – Soundly Sounds





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