▶ Communions – Communions EP+ [多歌盤CD]

communions out of my mind

廠牌:Tough Love
定價:CD$319 *sold out*

Communions, made up of brothers Martin and Mads Rehof, Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen, are fast-gaining attention for their transcendent melodies, delicate guitar lines and emotive pop songs about naivety and youth.

“oozes effervescent warbles—from vocalist Martin Rehof, and the interplay of shimmering guitars, and lovely crescendos of reverb, reminiscent of early Stone Roses.” (Pitchfork)

Following two sold out pressings of Communions’ So Long Sun 7″ and the self-titled 5 track EP, Tough Love have collected the two releases together on one CD for the first time.

The 7 tracks document the Danish four-pieces impressive evolution from teenage proteges of the Copenhagen Mayhem scene (IceAgeLust for YouthLower) to perhaps the most accomplished young songwriters in the country.

1. Forget it’s a Dream
2. Wherever
3. Restless Hours
4. Summer’s Oath
5. Out of My World
6. So Long Sun
7. Love Stands Still





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