▶ Sauna Youth – Distractions [獨家限定珊瑚色彩膠LP]


樂團:Sauna Youth


廠牌:Upset The Rhythm

Sold:LP $793

詳細:LIMITED 180g VINYL, 700 FOR THE WORLD. 附歌詞圖本。


四人團Sauna Youth成組英國布萊頓,現居倫敦。他們的龐克/後龐力道精悍,簡約流行又好跳舞的特色,大抵就像抹髒blur或漂白the fall的感覺。書蟲氣質明顯,有借鏡J.G.Ballard小說《High-Rise》的歌曲,還有受James Broughton電影《The Pleasure Garden》影響的video。最妙的是SY另組一支成員不變、互換樂器演奏的姐妹團MONOTONY,兩團合吼的小7加倍"FOREVER LOUD"。這次新作雖勁,卻看不見SY先前藉《False Jesii Pt II》變身C86團的俏皮倩影,委實有點小可惜。

⭐️DIY四星 (4/5) – “tense and utterly incensed album."

⭐️Louder Than War 10/10滿分 – “already sees a much fuller and more exciting Sauna Youth breaking out."

⭐️God Is In The TV四星半 (4.5/5) – “the most punk sounding punk record you’ll have heard in years."

⭐️NME (8/10) – “would make Mark E Smith envious."

⭐️Loud And Quiet (8/10) – “a smart punk outfit with literary proclivities who haven’t forgotten how to have a good time."

⭐️Upset The Rhythm – “Why can’t we be both The Ramones and Steve Reich?”



SY is:
Richard Phoenix / BOON (drums, vocals)
Lindsay Corstorphine / PINES (guitar)
Jen Calleja / ECKE (vocals, sampler)
Christopher Murphy / MINCE (bass)

“DISTRACTIONS". Recorded at Sound Savers with Mark Jasper. Mixed by Boon and mastered by Kris Lapke.

*Sound Savers*出品有:Witching Waves, MazesDignan Porch, Omi Palone, Tense Man, Novella, Soft Arrows, Flamingods etc.





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