▶ XAM – Tone Systems [限量12″黑膠EP]


單位:XAM (Hookworms貝斯手Matt Benn)

作品:Tone Systems


廠牌:Deep Distance

定價:12″ $437

詳細:Quick sell out expected so get on it. 500 only, released early June. 附內頁及廠牌明信片。

類似盤推薦:Cavern of Anti-Matter – ‘Interlude Music’ 12″ http://wp.me/p2u16k-3×1

Second new Deep Distance for June is the mighty debut outing from Matthew Benn’s new Hookworms side project XAM. A killer record merging both artist and labels’ love for the more electronic / kosmische side to the kraut groove a la Sky and Klaus Schulzes’ Innovative Communication (IC) labels, with equal tips of the hat to the DIY minimal synth scene of the late 70s, early 80s.

3 extraordinary, slow building pieces- often trancelike and hypnotic and always utterly captivating. Arguably the EP’s stand out point, the epic 12 minute “Coke Float” recalls prime era Schnitzler / Schulze / Cluster and Wolfgang Reichmann and co.

The EP is released on 12” vinyl only with downloads available via the XAM bandcamp page. A phenomenal record, providing a curious, alternate insight into the Hookworms repetitious groove- still very much in evidence here yet channelled via electronics rather than the wall of sound guitar assault of Matthew’s ‘main’ band.

Hugely recommended for fans of all the above, The Berlin School, Harmonia / Rother solo etc as well as latter day heroes such as Spectrum, Stereolab / Cavern of Anti-Matter et al…






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