▶ Triptides – Azur [限量黑膠LP]

triptides azur




廠牌:Requiem Pour Un Twister / Croque Macadam

定價:LP $715

詳細:初版經典黑LP (classic black!),附MP3序號,限量發行500片。獨家附贈廠牌限定胸章一枚。

‘Azur’ is the fourth album from California’s best kept secret, Triptides – a marvellous pop band from Bloomington, Indiana and now relocated in LA. Their shiny and hazy songs are perfect anthems for a nascent summer.

This ten-song collection explores the full spectrum of sensations you can go through on a hot day – from laziness to happiness, ‘Azur’ is a trip to California without actually having to move an inch. Sit down and relax, take a fresh soda and enjoy the sun.

“Seeming to completely grasp how to use the studio as an instrument, Triptides sluice together garage-punk, elements of psych and 60s West Coast pop.” – Clash Magazine

”Sublime psychedelic 60s dream-pop with true warmth and vibrancy. Too damn good to be a mere pastiche.” – Norman Records – 9/10

For fans of: Beach Fossils, Real Estate, The Beach Boys, Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Temples, C86, Nuggets Compilations, Cleaners From Venus





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