▶ Shady P – Speaker For The Dead EP [限量12″黑膠EP]

SHADY P Speaker For The Dead EP

音樂家/樂團:Shady P
四曲EP:Speaker For The Dead
廠牌:Clan Destine / Clan Destine Traxx
定價:黑膠12″EP $495 *全球限量250*

詳細:Co founder of one of our favorite labels of the moment How To kill Detroit, knocked us over with his own trax recently, so we had to do a release with him.

SHADY P brings us some prime detroit techno sludge with this EP.


A1 – Pavlovs Bitch

A2 – EDM is a poor attempt at appopriation
B1 – A Man In Reverse feat.DROWNED
B2 – All Night Long





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