▶ Primitive Parts – Parts Primitive [黑膠LP]

Primitive Parts - Parts Primitive

音樂家/樂團:Primitive Parts

專輯:Parts Primitive

類型:blur年輕22歲也追不上的英倫勁龐。三名PP成員分屬樂團Sauna Youth / Monotony / Cold Pumas / Male Bonding。喜歡Parquet Courts, Hookworms, Swell Maps, Blur, Wire, Homosexuals曲風的必敗!

廠牌:Trouble In Mind

定價:黑膠LP附MP3序號 $627




“Parts Primitive" is the debut album from London-based band Primitive Parts; consisting of Sauna Youth, Monotony and Male Bonding alumni Lindsay Corstorphine (guitar / voice) Kevin Hendrick (guitar) and Robin Christian (drums). After signing to Trouble in Mind earlier this year they immediately bought a Tascam 388 multitrack tape device & set to record their debut. “Parts Primitive" consists of ten close-knit and succinct songs that aim to evoke a sonic space that could be an imagined 1970s. ‘Miracle Skin’, ‘Signal’, ‘Rented Housing’ and ‘Troubles’ are influenced equally by the dynamic Australian garage rock of The UV Race, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control as they are by the pop sensibilities and British charm of early Eno, The Kinks and Blur. Parts Primitive was recorded by the band directly onto two 7″ reels of quarter inch tape, mixed by Mark Jasper at Soundsavers and mastered by Mikey Young overseas. Primitive Parts have shared stages with Twerps, Franz Ferdinand, The Homosexuals and Juan Wauters. Having recently bought a car, they are due to embark on a full UK tour in Autumn.



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