▶ Night Flowers – Sleep [限定白小7]

night flowers sleep

音樂家/樂團:Night Flowers

單曲作品:Sleep / Sitting Pretty


廠牌:Dirty Bingo

定價:限定300片白色膠小7 $335,*sorry sold out*



London-via-Humberside dream-pop perfectionists Night Flowers announce their return with shimmering new single ‘Sleep’..

Bright and airy, ‘Sleep’ is the sound of a band ready to embrace their glowing future, as they welcome new vocalist Sophia Pettit – originally from Oklahoma – to the fold. The track shines with Night Flowers irresistible cocktail of transatlantic, intertwining male/female vocals, backed by wistful but powerful guitars and nineties shoegaze atmospherics.

Early tracks ‘Single Beds’ and ‘North’ and last year’s self-titled EP saw the five-piece gain international acclaim and road-miles alongside Swervedriver and Frankie & The Heartstrings – with ‘Sleep’ and its accompanying b-side ‘Sitting Pretty’, the group are sure to soar even higher.





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