▶ Widowspeak – All Yours [彩膠LP+7″+明信片/大海報特別限定盤]

widowspeak all yours

專輯:All Yours
類型:自Mazzy Star、Mojave 3後最美的夢幻鄉謠生物
廠牌:Captured Tracks
定價:白色彩膠LP+翻作小7+一套三式明信片,以及24×24憂鬱大眼白馬海報 $1037 *sold out*

2013作品:Almanac CD http://wp.me/p2u16k-19m


小7A面翻作 (Third Eye Blind Cover)

Widowspeak has grown up in a lot of ways. The band’s third album, All Yours, is one that could only come from Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas: a honed and elegant interweaving of dream-pop and slowcore rock and roll, easygoing melodies and dusty, snaking guitars. It’s also their finest release to date: ten beautiful songs that are refreshingly straightforward yet built from the same well-chosen and deftly used tools the band has always worked with.




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