▶ Presents for Sally – Colours & Changes [雙片橘黑彩炫膠LP]


音樂家/樂團:Presents for Sally

專輯:Colours & Changes

類型:整個非常Sarah Records瞪鞋時期 (90s後)

廠牌:Saint Marie

定價:限定300雙開頁雙片橘黑彩炫膠LP (45轉) 首批$1022 (sold out)第二批$未定 (sold out)



“Colours & Changes” is the 2nd album from the UK band Presents for Sally.
Formed in 2009, the three piece has taken in many influences and managed
to form a sound all of their own. If the debut album showed promise of
what the band could do, then “Colours & Changes” has set it in stone. The
ten songs form a musical journey that takes you down several roads that
all meet and make perfect sense in the end. At times melodic and
beautiful, and others pure white noise with lots of delayed, detuned
guitars sandwiched in between. “Colours & Changes” takes on a life of its

Each song seems to grow into something spectacular and produces many
goosebump-filled moments but also shows a band full of confidence in what
they are doing and what they set out to achieve. Having achieved RadioOne
and XFM airplay in the UK with previous singles, there seems to be no
reason why this album will not only match that but push the band even





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