▶ Air Formation – Were We Ever Here [絕版彩膠12″EP]


音樂家/樂團:Air Formation
EP作品:Were We Ever Here
廠牌:Club AC30
定價:180g橘藍彩炫12″+MP3 $581 (sold out),限定250片已絕版。


Hometown: Brighton “Were We Ever Here’ is the first new material from Air Formation since reforming in 2014. Loosely based around the group of songs they were working on in 2010 before their split, the band worked on the EP in secret, stating “We thought it would be a more exciting, organic, experience if we just got on with it un-announced and released it as fast as we could." Air Formation formed in 2000, long before their spiritual forebears Slowdive and Loop were once again considered acceptable influences, and gained a devoted following for their albums Daylight Storms and Nothing To Wish For (Nothing to Lose). Their incendiary live show also saw them share stages with the likes of Vessels and Efterklang.

Ten years on, the swathes of feedback and distortion are all present and correct, while adding surprising new touches, such as swooping New Order synths. Slow-building opener ‘I Could Stay’ comes to life in a swooning burst of fuzzed-up bass and hyperactive Ride-like drums. Closing track ‘The Wasted Days’ takes the entire EP into another gear, shifting from kinetic drone-pop to expansive post-rock territory, bringing this record to a close in a shower of noise The band’s spark has returned. With a vengeance.




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