▶ Shinichi Atobe – Ship-Scope [首壓絕版12″]


音樂家/樂團:Shinichi Atobe
類型:絕盤15年的Chain Reaction經典重發
廠牌:Demdike Stare
定價:12″$545 *首壓絕版*

• Hugely sought-after techno classic – the precedent to ‘Butterfly Effect’
• Originally released on Berlin’s legendary Chain reaction and out- of-print for 15 years, now newly remastered from vinyl by Matt Colton at Alchemy.
• Hand-stamped copies, Limited Edition.


A massive personal favourite of Demdike Stare’s, Shinichi Atobe’s ‘Ship Scope’ was Chain Reaction’s penultimate release in 2001 and, with the benefit of hindsight, also one of the legendary label’s most sublime offerings.

Phase fwd to 2015 and DDS rightly put it back into circulation with this necessary reissue arriving in the wake of Atobe’s much loved archival salvage, ‘Butterfly Effect’, which caused quite a ripple in late 2014.

Notable not only for its unusually sweeter, dreamier ambient tone – especially when compared with the rest of the CR#’s – but also for its happily lost-at-sea feel, connoting a deeply romantic and almost shoegazy late ‘90s / into-the-’00s deep techno aesthetic that would essentially become washed away with the advent and normalisation of mnml techno’s pristine production values.

Quite simply, it’s a must-have for followers of the romantic streak in Ross 154, Convextion and classic Chain Reaction – do not miss!





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