▶ Lusts – Illuminations [限定透明彩膠LP]

類型:no wavey no life
定價:LP附MP3序號 $796 *sold-out*

• 承襲JAMC、Oasis兄弟檔優質英搖吉他傳統,萊斯特Lusts成名首發
• 英國最威迷幻搖滾製作MJ(Hookworms)親力打造專輯
• For fans of New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Bodines, Adorable, The Rain Band, Beach Fossils.



‘Waves’ follows the bands first two singles, ‘Mouthwash’ and ‘Temptation’which DIY dubbed a “glistening, new wave-nodding exciting debut” and XFM and Radio 1 dutifully delivered support by spinning on several occasions and with 6Music crowning the single the winner of their rebel playlist.

Lusts are brothers Andy and James Stone from Leicester evoking both the classic woozy chorus’ and reverb laden guitars of Echo and the Bunnymen and the new wave pop sensibilities of Beach Fossils.

The brothers explain the creative process behind the making of the video to Waves:

“From the start, the intention for the Waves video was to explore imagery beyond the obvious route of water, and instead focus on the lyrics and the meaning of the song. We sat down with the directors Youth Hymns and discussed our different ideas for visually representing this.  We were inspired by Virginia Woolf’s ‘The Waves’, the visuals of oscilloscopes, and the idea of constant movement, of a force beyond your control pulling you towards something. then came their idea of the tunnel, an almost b-movie vibe, and a character falling down with us. The video has a kind of gothic, hypnotic feel, which pays homage to the aesthetics of cult sci-fi and horror. With added Jazzmasters.”


A面- Intro / Sometimes / Careless / The Chair / Temptation / Illuminations
B面- Attraction / Waves / Bad Weekend / Don’t Kiss Me / Fountain of Love / Mouthwash





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