▶ Clay Rendering – Snowthorn [限量黑膠LP]


音樂家/樂團:Clay Rendering
廠牌:Hospital Productions
定價:首批限量雙開頁版黑膠LP $861*sold out*

• 前Wolf Eyes、Hair Police成員Mike Connelly及Tara(妻)組成

• 製作與演唱陣容有Hospital Productions/Prurient魔頭Dominick Fernow、紐約潮妹Becka Diamond

• 專輯《Snowthorn》猶如Slowdive ‘Pygmalion’黑色沈淪版。音色氛圍攝人程度,比起Nine Inch Nails、The Cure有過之而無不及

• Mastered by Paul Corley, cut at D&M, Berlin

Perhaps the most compelling of all the many projects started by one-time members of Wolf
Eyes, Clay Rendering came to life in 2013 and have since released a trio of singles for Hospital Productions that have gained them the admiration of followers spanning both electronic and metal communities.

Their material occupies unique terrain, recalling The Cure’s widescreen Disintegration-era instrumentals, cut through with a Black Metal palette and an appreciation of electronic music that imbues their production (notably assisted by Dominick Fernow) with an end-of-world quality that’s impossible to pin down. Evoking Nine Inch Nails one moment, you find yourself in a smoke- filled, strobe-lit Road House the next; bleary-eyed, head spinning, coming down.

Guitar, Accordion, Piano and electronics underpin these songs, opening with the whirling death march of ‘Maps on The Floor’ and the funereal trudge of “Swallow The Century” before the grinding fuzz of “Sight From Up There” changes pace with the addition of a forlorn piano melody and Becka Diamond’s distant vocal zooming in on half-remembered songs, rendered here with hazy definition.

“Fall Of The Bed” and “Memory Loses Momentum” find Clay Rendering at their most visceral and catchy; a reminder that they are first and foremost a band that write incredible songs, often submerged in fuzz and atmosphere, but here left exposed, bare, on display.

And yet the title track “Snowthorn”, “River Without” and the incredible album closer “Night To Perish” edge the album from the bleak and into the sublime, turning away from the snowy landscapes their music so often evokes, instead pulling you deep into night…


1. Maps On The Floor
2. Swallow The Century
3. Sight From Up Here
4. Snowthorn
5. River Without
6. Fall Off The Bed
7. Patient Days
8. Memory Loses Momentum
9. Night To Perish




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