▶ Anton Klint – Personalmöte / Efter Stängning [限量小7]


音樂家/樂團:Anton Klint
單曲7:Personalmöte / Efter Stängning
類型:瘋狂有趣的瑞典Acid Techno
廠牌:Folk Disk
定價:限量300小7 $323*sold out*

• Ideal recordings子廠第一彈
• Anton Kilint化名的Tiedye,於Italians Do It Better旗下發過片
• 與前Studio成員Dan Lissvik聯手製作,Acid玩超嗨不敢相信


Anton Klint (a.k.a. IDIB’s Tiedye) draws squiggly acid jaxx over two faces of the 1st release from Joachim Nordwall’s Folk Disc label.

Landing a year on from his breezy linx with Studio’s Dan Lissvik for Public Possession, he’s clearly taken the ticket to go weirder, wigged-out on this jaunt.

A-side burns up an oddly organic acid number sprung with clattering drums, distended acid protrusions and a general sense of wonky, druggy behaviour bound to infect the club.

B-side he yokes back the madness for a slick acid techno momentum, sending skittish arpeggios over solid bass ballast with a sexier thrust.

Folk music indeed. Look forward to hearing more from this label!





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