▶ Jack Latham (Jam City) – Lux Laze [限量10吋-豪華收錄]

jack latham lux laze

音樂家/樂團:Jack Latham (Jam City)
作品:Lux Laze
定價:10″$628 *庫存1*

• Jam City主腦Jack Latham為Daniel Swan反烏托邦科幻電影短片《Lux Laze》所作之配樂

• 2010以VHS, comic, DVD-R, 卡帶四種形式限量出版,發行後即絕盤。2015 Phonica Records王牌店員Alex Egan成立新廠牌Utter,再版重發限量300的10吋黑膠(加收一曲),附編號、75×50大尺寸海報、MP3與影片的下載

• Mastered and cut by Lupo



New London-based label, Utter, present some of the earliest recordings by Jack Latham a.k.a. Jam City in a remastered edition of his icy soundtrack to a sci-fi short film originally self-released by the director/producer, Daniel Swan on VHS and corresponding cassette in 2010.

The OST would have emerged just prior to Jam City’s ‘Classical Curves’ and we can pretty much hear the hyaline dimensions that would be explored in ‘Classical Curves’ come into being across its five tracks (including a bonus “lost” track not found on the original), as Latham constructs dreamy, floating worlds embedded in vast reverb structures and blooming bass radiation.

It’s easy to hear the tensions and economy of production palette that would come to define his later work, where he would consolidate a canny, mid-fi emulation of hi-end, cinematic sound design with eviscerated club dynamics. Yet there’s something deeply elusive, gossamer fine about these recordings that hold up on their own terms.




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