▶ Not Waving – Get Serious [限量單面12″]

not waving get serious 1

not waving get serious

音樂家/樂團:Not Waving
單曲:Get Serious
類型:’fvckin’ hell good’ Club Music!
定價:限量300黑膠12″$565 *sold out*

• 前Kompakt旗下雙人組Walls成員Alessio Natalizia,化身Not Waving於Diagonal旗下首發 (Diagnoal由Powell及Jaime Williams兩人主理,當前最具冒險性的英倫實驗電子舞曲品牌)

• 45轉單面黑膠單曲"Get Serious"為特別限定發行,不會收進2016專輯《Animals》

• Mastered and cut by Matt Colton

• Edition of 300 copies screen-printed by John Powell-Jones

Diagonal embrace the varied talents of Alessio Natalizia in Not Waving mode with the bone- rattling, oil-spitting New Beta mechanics of Get Serious, landing ahead of his stunning Animals full length, due in 2016.

Cut for kicks and thrills at 45rpm, the revved-up momentum of Get Serious clearly deserves its own side of black crack for optimal impact in the club.

It’s far more up-for-it than anything you may have previously heard in his string of releases over the last few years, packing the madness of a Powell record with the locked-on EBM of late ‘80s Belgium and reliably effective Italian ‘floor finesse.

It’s utterly ruinous and sprung for the rave. You know what to do!




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