▶ Mika Vaino & Franck Vigroux – Peau Froide, Léger Soleil [首批限量2LP]

Mika Vaino & Franck Vigroux- Peau Froide, Léger Soleil

音樂家/樂團:Mika Vaino & Franck Vigroux
專輯:Peau Froide, Léger Soleil (隨譯: 冷膚,日光)
類型:experimental noise electronic dark ambient drone metal
廠牌:Cosmo Rhythmatic
定價:首批限量,雙片黑膠2LP $833*sold out*

⌾ 芬蘭與法國兩大前衛實驗電子音樂家,Mika Vainio與Franck Vigroux合作共演三年之結晶

⌾ 彷彿Napalm Death、Scott Walker、Whitehouse、Techno Animal、Swans各方在冰川上激鬥,撞出不可思議的野獸派電子火花

⌾ Mastered by Dennis Blackham at Sky mastering. Lacquer cut at D&M, Berlin.

⌾ Photography By Umut Ungan (Front Cover), Diego Jr. (Back Cover).

“Peau froide, lèger soleil”, is the result of a three year recording process, initiated by Mika Vainio and Frank Vigroux after a series of shared live experiences.

Sprawling after a show in Paris in 2012, their collaboration is an exercise in sensitive intensity, drifting the whole space between minimalist meditations and maximalist kinetics. Vainio’s signature brutalist production resonates all throughout the record, constructing a psychic scenario for Vigroux’s researches in spatial abstraction and tonal radicalism.

Densely built though free-from structural limitation, this album is an intense 9track motion, serving as the third installment in Cosmo Rhythmatic’s catalog and acting as new chapter in the label’s construction an uncompromising sonic identity.

01. Deux
02. Mémoire
03. Souffles
04. Mutant
05. Ravages
06. Man
07. Parabole
08. Le Souterrain
09. Le Crâne Tambour





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