▶ Shapednoise – Different Selves [限量黑膠LP]

Shapednoise Different Selves

專輯:Different Selves
類型:「骨」打貝斯, 高壓迫工業噪音, 鐵錘Techno
定價:限量500黑膠LP $739*sold out*

⌾ 義籍柏林實驗電子製作人Shapednoise於Type旗下首發

⌾ 工業金屬先驅Godflesh首腦Justin K. Broadrick威勢助陣

⌾ 延伸:與Mumdance & Logos合作的作品 The Sprawl – E.P.1 及自有品牌 Cosmo Rhythmatic

⌾ Mastered & Cut by Matt Colton

Shapednoise is Italian producer Nino Pedone, and over the last few years he’s built a name for himself issuing music that bridges the gap between the basement and the club.

Noise and techno are proven bedfellows at this point (for better or for worse), but Pedone pushes harder and further, and ‘Different Selves’, as the title suggests, is his most diverse and challenging work to date.

Fusing the industrial grind of early Godflesh (Justin K. Broadrick even makes an appearance on opening track ‘Enlightenment’) with the raw power of mid 90s D&B, the visceral pleasure of early grime and the ominous scrape of dark ambient, Shapednoise navigates unfamiliar territory expertly.

Whether traversing beatless outworld landscapes with ’Travels in the Universe of the Soul’ or assaulting the senses with the acidic, rhythmic blast of ‘Heart Energy Shape’ there’s a sense that Shapednoise is exploring his own boundaries.

‘Different Selves’ is a challenging, unruly selection of tracks; not a deconstruction of club music, but an amplification, blowing every sound out to near cacophony. the result is truly explosive.”

1. Enlightenment feat. Justin K. Broadrick
2. Intruder
3. Dream Within A Dream
4. Well-Being
5. Travels In The Universe Of The Soul
6. What Is It Like?
7. Heart-Energy-Shape
8. The Man From Another Place
9. Escalation





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