▶ Cavern of Anti-Matter – Other Voices 06 [限定系列小7]

other voices 06

音樂家/樂團:Cavern of Anti-Matter
限定系列小7:Other Voices 06
類型:motorik grooves electronic
廠牌:Ghost Box
定價:7″$350 *sold out*

⌾ 前Stereolab元老Tim Gane (吉他/synths)及鼓手Joe Dilworth、德籍Holger Zapf (synths),于柏林演錄創作的音樂組合 Cavern of Anti-Matter

⌾ 充滿秩序及流暢節奏動能的krautrock電子曲風,重返Can/Neu!美好音樂時刻

⌾ 同場加映 Other Voices 系列#7

⌾ super heavyweight 7” vinyl, with beautifully designed packaging by Julian House.


Ghost Box are very excited to present these two tracks recorded especially for the Other Voices series by Tim Gane’s low key, elusive and damned near perfect Berlin based band, Cavern of Anti- Matter.

“Pulsing River Velvet Phase" is a beautifully evolving melodic piece for guitar and synths. Reminiscent of Gane’s Stereolab work, it’s a five minute epic that blossoms organically as it joyfully shifts mood and time signatures.

On “Phototones" Cavern of Anti-Matter are in more typical motorik territory. A delightfully upbeat head-nodder.




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