▶ ToiToiToi – Other Voices 07 [限定系列小7]

other voices 07

音樂家/樂團:ToiToiToi (讀音"toy- toy-toy")
限定系列小7:Other Voices 07
廠牌:Ghost Box

⌾ 柏林音樂家Sebastian Counts之化身ToiToiToi (讀音"toy- toy-toy")

⌾ 土味合成器舒腦療癒,鼓機輕敲隨興,ㄧ張略有前Broadcast鍵盤手Roj風采、又無比美妙的Library Music小品

⌾ 同場加映 Other Voices 系列#6

⌾ super heavyweight 7” vinyl, with beautifully designed packaging by Julian House.


ToiToiToi* is the operating name of one Sebastian Counts, also based in Berlin – although this identity is uncertain too. All that we really know is that this is the musical side-project of a well- respected conceptual artist who is happy to be subsumed into the anonymity of Ghost Box’s imaginary world.

Two witty, electronic diversions featuring squashy plasticine synthesizers, spectral voices of blurred origin, and haphazard percussion (likely to appeal to fans of Roj).

Lovely additions to the Other Voices series from an artist who’s sure to be appearing on Ghost Box again soon.

* “Toi toi toi" as German speakers and opera fans will know, is a traditional wish of good luck, equivalent to “break a leg". Pronounced “toy- toy-toy".




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