▶ Elysia Crampton – Moth / Lake [限量黑膠小7]

Elysia Crampton

音樂家/樂團:Elysia Crampton
單曲小7:Moth / Lake
廠牌:Boomkat Editions
定價:雙開頁黑膠小7$350 *sold out*

⌾ 「她」,Elysia Crampton,“Shenandoah”系列首章

⌾ “Moth”向傳奇黑人喜劇演員Stepin Fetchit及Bert Williams兩位致敬 ; “Lake”受玻利維亞民族舞蹈Saya及17世紀宗教寓意文學作品《天路歷程》啓發而成

Why Be私心推薦,Arca粉絲不容錯過

⌾ The Vinyl Factory 2015年度最佳7″第一名

# A面 “Moth ft. Money Allah"

# B面 “Lake"

Formerly known by the moniker, E + E, this single marks the first chapter of her Shenandoah series, “a concept work that explores Virginian American history and brownness beyond culture, as geology – as mud, dirt, and mineral.”

Breaking with the artist’s highly influential and formerly sample-rich arrangements, the material on both sides is entirely, uniquely original. With the breathtaking transevangelistic comedy, ‘Moth’, written for and featuring the compelling vocal of Money Allah, Elysia pays tribute to legendary Afro-American comedians Stepin Fetchit and Bert Williams against a sweeping backdrop of vapourous synths and strings perhaps best compared, in terms of sonics, with the deep synthetic topographies of TCF and Arca (or is it the other way around?). In the most striking sense, it’s a song that will stick with you long, long after it’s finished.

The immersive instrumental B-side, ‘Lake’, is Elysia’s version of a Bolivian Saya, a work song/dance style which can trace its roots back to the original mixture of Andean and African traditions during the first days of slavery in South America, and also makes reference to John Bunyan’s 17th C religious text, ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ and the railroad path near the Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia, where the piece’s crepuscular patina of field recordings were sourced. Quite simply, it’s a hugely recommended record from a genuinely exceptional and incisive artist.




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