▶ Aerial – Put It This Way In Headlines [2LP/2015重發]


專輯:Put It This Way In Headlines
定價:雙片黑膠2LP$850 *sold out*

⌾ Simian Ghost, No Coda, Alpha Mound前身樂團

⌾ 第一次壓製黑膠發行(雙片2LP),附6張精美內頁 (30×30尺寸)

⌾ 相關樂團作品 No Coda – The Entire Cast LP

“the swedes of aerial have it all figured out with their mix of godspeed you! black emperor and mogwai one way and snappy indie another, case for plenty of pop-appeal and goosebumps-moments, with their sound, the bands mentioned, but also the likes of sonic youth, interpol or broken social scene, aerial floats between loud and soft, lofty and vulnerable. why not post rock with sing-along choruses-?"

members of aerial plays in follow bands: simian ghost, no coda, alpha mound.


A1 First Of All…
A2 In Our Wake
A3 Velvet Light Trap
A4 I Am TV
A5 He Looked At The Sky And Mumbled;

B1 Zebra
B2 Canvas People
B3 Gently Stunned

C1 Vacant Dreamers
C2 Malkmus In The Middle
C3 All Refrain
C4 Quite A Few Homes Later

D1 Guitar Ode To A Sunny Afternoon




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